Class Lowry have been acquiring new life skills in Challenge Time.  This terms challenges are all Robin Hood or Christmas lead.

Critical Thinker – present information about a woodland animal.  When doing this challenge the aim is to set goals that will help us improve our work.

Creative Navigator – make an animation of a scene from Robin hood.  Key skills to use are organisational ones which allow us to plan, carry out and complete the project.

Challenge Conqueror – in carrying out this challenge, remaining patient and focused are key when trying out different techniques whilst designing a cloak or hat for Maid Marian.

Considering your audience when presenting learning is key to being a Critical Thinker when creating your own Christmas song or carol.

Exploring and understanding why people’s emotions and actions may change is what a Cool Collaborator must consider when they write a Christmas play or pantomime.

Being able to demonstrate and support others in becoming a good team player when writing a news report about the Sherwood Hoodies is what’s needed to be a Cool Collaborator.

A Confident Character will be able to challenge themselves and think in unusual ways whilst understanding that this might divert us from the task in hand when creating a wanted poster for Robin Hood.

A number or different resources and strategies will need to sourced and used in these Challenge.

Class Lowry would like to thank FOCS for their kind donation to the class, to purchase Challenge Time supplies.  We have bought special paints, some metallic pens, felt squares, polystyrene shapes, strong coloured wire, felt-tip pens, table coverings and a sewing machine.  Today, as you can see in the picture, the children were very busy making bags to put reindeer dust in for the Christmas Fayre.