Monthly Archives: March 2014

It was fantastic to see children in Praying Mantis Class so actively engaged in their learning during Challenge Time. 

Children had the challenge of being ‘Creative Navigators’ and had to make a percussion instrument with their own choice of materials. They then had to use their instrument with a song or a rhyme. Lots of experimenting with resources and materials took place.

Children had the challenge of being ‘Cool Collaborators’ and had to use puppets to put on a show with their friends. This group decided to use the iPad to film their work. I was impressed to hear the children talking about filming their show again as they had decided that they could improve their performance by being louder and more clearer with their puppets’ actions. Super editing children. Some great team work!

In this challenge, Isla has just begun being a ‘Creative Navigator’. Her challenge is to write a letter to a character from a story or nursery rhyme. She has to decide what she would like to say to him/her. Look forward to reading your letter Isla.

Caitlin and Gracie are being great ‘cool collaborators’! Great team was displayed as they used ‘Puppet Pals’, an iPad app to create their puppet show. They were too busy to talk to me!
These children are being ‘Critical Thinkers’. Their challenge is to think about how they would like to share their learning and to be able to talk about the progress they think they have made. Their challenge is to visit the Toy Museum and sort the toys into groups. Bella was keen to share her learning with me. Groups had been decided by the way that they toys moved. Ruth had decided to make a list of the toys in each of the groups.