Pre-Wedding Celebration Challenges

Class Newton enjoyed their Pre-Wedding Celebration Challenges…

The Creative Navigators made flower arrangements and designed commemorative plates, showing that they could adapt their plans and experiment with different techniques as they completed their task.

The Challenge Conquerors made wedding cards and wedding dress designs, demonstrating a high level of concentration.

The Critical Thinkers wrote a fantastic quiz which the class thoroughly enjoyed completing. They had thought of all the stages  they needed to work through to to make the quiz successful.


Mayan challenges

Class Newton have been learning about the Mayans. Here are some photos of their finished pieces. The Mayan cookies were delicious!

Awesome Orienteering challenges

Our challenges in Year 3 and 4 are developing nicely. It is fantastic to see so much collaborative learning.

Click here to read our challenge time cards. Lower KS 2 challenge time orienteering

Titantic Challenges

Newton class have really challenged themselves with their activities this term. Here are pictures of just a few of the groups hard at work:


Hettie and Amelia are using O-generator to compose some theme music for their Titanic Quiz, and Eleanor and Harriet are carefully using the glue guns to make some luggage for a Titanic passenger.

Charlie, Jack, William and Joel are co-operating well as they work out how many lifeboats they need to make to accommodate all the Titanic passengers and staff, and in the last picture you can see Libby and Hettie’s model icebergs.

Through these activities the children have demonstrated a variety of life skills, including the ability to persevere with tricky tasks and co-operate well with familiar and less familiar peers.

Mayan Food

Hettie and Grace have been Confident Characters this term, planning a 3 course Mayan meal. They had the option to cook part of their meal, which they did this afternoon. The skill they were working on was to work for longer than expected if the solution is not clear. With the help of Mrs Copeland and a last-minute recruit to the group – Jonty, they finished the task just in time for the class to have a taster before assembly. Hettie and Grace agreed that they would have struggled to finish without their extra helper, and so it was a very good decision to ask Jonty to join them today.

Sewing Challenge


Class Lowry have been acquiring new life skills in Challenge Time.  This terms challenges are all Robin Hood or Christmas lead.

Critical Thinker – present information about a woodland animal.  When doing this challenge the aim is to set goals that will help us improve our work.

Creative Navigator – make an animation of a scene from Robin hood.  Key skills to use are organisational ones which allow us to plan, carry out and complete the project.

Challenge Conqueror – in carrying out this challenge, remaining patient and focused are key when trying out different techniques whilst designing a cloak or hat for Maid Marian.

Considering your audience when presenting learning is key to being a Critical Thinker when creating your own Christmas song or carol.

Exploring and understanding why people’s emotions and actions may change is what a Cool Collaborator must consider when they write a Christmas play or pantomime.

Being able to demonstrate and support others in becoming a good team player when writing a news report about the Sherwood Hoodies is what’s needed to be a Cool Collaborator.

A Confident Character will be able to challenge themselves and think in unusual ways whilst understanding that this might divert us from the task in hand when creating a wanted poster for Robin Hood.

A number or different resources and strategies will need to sourced and used in these Challenge.

Class Lowry would like to thank FOCS for their kind donation to the class, to purchase Challenge Time supplies.  We have bought special paints, some metallic pens, felt squares, polystyrene shapes, strong coloured wire, felt-tip pens, table coverings and a sewing machine.  Today, as you can see in the picture, the children were very busy making bags to put reindeer dust in for the Christmas Fayre.

Challenge Time in Class Nightingale

This half term our challenges have been linked to our experience outcome of creating a 3 D model of a habitat. We have also been able to  welcome Class Potter’s Year 1 children into our challenge teams to work alongside their peers in Class Nightingale.

The photographs below catch some of our great team work in action!.

Working hard together to compose music using a pictorial form of notation for the music.

Working hard together to compose music using a pictorial form of notation for the music.

Working together to create a 'scratch ' programme featuring a polar bear and its habitat

Working together to create a ‘scratch ‘ programme, featuring a polar bear and its habitat

Sharing and celebrating the results  of our challenge time.

Sharing and celebrating the results of our challenge time.


Creating a hedgehog as a team, using a variety of colours and techniques.